This is an examp­le-page. It dif­fers from posts becau­se it always stays in the same place and (for most the­mes) is shown in the web­site navi­ga­ti­on. Most start with an imprint, the data pro­tec­tion decla­ra­ti­on or an “About us” page to intro­du­ce them­sel­ves to poten­ti­al visi­tors to the web­site. For examp­le it could say:

Hel­lo! I work as a cou­rier during the day, and at night I do acting, and that’s my web­site. I live in a big city, have a gre­at dog and I like drinks with an umbrel­la (but not stan­ding in the rain without an umbrella).

… or some­thing like this:

XYZ was foun­ded in 1971 and has been pro­vi­ding the public with high qua­li­ty pro­ducts ever sin­ce. At its loca­ti­on in a small city, the com­pa­ny employs over 2,000 peop­le and sup­ports city resi­dents in many ways.

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